Coaching Athletes and Mental Training

Mental training professionals can work with coaches to improve their athletes performance.

What do you do when you have an athlete who has the skills, does well in practice, but just
 does not bring his/her game to the competition? You are absolutely convinced that the player or team can win, but they just are not bringing home the results.

You see the team falling apart, not playing as well as they did in practice. They do not listen to your coaching from the sidelines, and are not heeding your pre-game plans

Your feel frustrated and helpless as you watch your team or your athlete loose.
You go back to training, increase the drills, and work on the strengths and weaknesses of the game. You may even talk about the teams lack of focus during the game.
You are certainly aware of the importance of the mental game and the athletes attitude,but you just do not have the time to work with them on improving their mental skills.

You know once you have done your job as a coach that the mental game is extremely important.
This is why it is essential to to work together with a MENTAL COACHING PROFESSIONAL. A mental coach cannot take your place as a coach, but can make your job easier, allow you to focus on coaching skills, and improve your teams overall performance.

The disciplines of mental training and coaching overlap, but do not exclude each other.
In other words, a well prepared athlete needs both.
Working with mental coach,can help you and your athlete find his mental strengths and weaknesses.

How do I do this? I have an assessment which unlike any other indicates the areas that are inhibiting the athlete from performing optimally.

Once I have used my techniques where I assess an athletes mental strengths and weaknesses, we work together on techniques and skills should increase their mental toughness.

All athletes need tools to help them break through the mental barriers that prevent them from being a champion.

My training can help them find the means to obtain superior mental toughness, a mental edge and the mindset to win