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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Mind Management is performance enhancement  through mental game coaching of amateur and professional athletes in a direction that will help them to  improve their mental game.

Mind management helps the athlete identify his or hers mental barriers.  Mental strengths and weakness  are identified, as well as other challenges that are preventing the athlete from performing as his or hers best.

Mind Management develops strategies with the athlete to find and build on improving their performances and achieving their goals.

Mind Management supports the premise that a strong mental game will improve performance. As an MGCP (certified mental game coach professional), Mind Management uses the specialized techniques developed by Dr Patrick Cohn, www. peaksports.com. This  technique is the foundation of the mental skills programs which are used in these coaching programs.

Wendy Cohn

Danish Psychological Association | Mental Game Coach Professional(MGCP)

After graduating from the U. of Copenhagen in 1982,  Wendy worked with children and handicapped young adults and earned her certification as a clinical psychologist licensed  to practice anywhere in the EU. She is however NOT licensed to practice in the US.

In 2001, she founded Mind Management, because she  was fascinated with the area of sports psychology where she saw personal, as well as professional opportunities.

She  worked in Copenhagen for eight years as one of the first sports psychologists, and the ONLY sports psychologist who actually had a degree in psychology, and was also an athlete, competing in national and international competitions.

She  was certified as a Mental Game Coach Professional in 2004, by Dr Patrick Cohn.

Besides her academic qualifications, she has achieved other certification with sports and fitness, and clay target shooting instructor from Denmark.

She  participated in different types of competitions ranging from equestrian disciplines to water and alpine sports.She  still competes in tennis tournament and shooting tournaments.

As a member of THE DANISH NATIONAL SHOOTING TEAM, she  has  competed in national and international tournaments. In 2004  Wendy won THE DANISH CHAMPIONSHIP IN COMPAK SPORTING.



Although Wendy Cohn is a certified psychologist, licensed to practice in all EU countries, she is NOT (at this time), licensed to practice as a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida.
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